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benito 6th March 2009 20:03

slow Baan performance
Hi Guys,

I would like to solicit your opinion on our Baan server setup as we are currently facing
performance issue especially on Sales Invoicing, Service Invoicing and Generating Projects
from Sales Order. On a bad day a single invoice can take up to 3 minutes to print. We have
around 250 users. Baan 4C4 SP20 app and database (SQL Server 2000 Enterprise SP4) is in the same Server. We have
windows 2003 Enterprise Edition R2 SP2. We have 24 GB RAM. We have four dual-core Intel Xeon
processors. SAN-connected. We have 125 GB database used. We are also heavy users of SQL
Reporting Services and have job running on Intergratio Package in early morning. We use
Taxware. Our CPU utilization could come up to 96% in the middle of the day. We do experience
better speed in the morning and late afternoons when there are less users.

Hitesh Shah 7th March 2009 17:00

As the complaint is more about print sessions than process sessions like tdsls4223 , tfgld4200s000 tfgld1212s000 etc , I assume u have database properly tuned , update statistics run periodically .

Directions u can look for can be

1. U did not specify network usage . Is speed of NIC , switch , cabling etc any bottleneck . Normally gigaport switch and nic , cat 6 cabling will not have network bottleneck.

2. Printing normally has to deal with writing in tmp . If tmp is not cleared for quite some time , then printing / login etc can be slow .

3. As u use reporting service , u may not be using baan reporting substantially . Still check if u have lot of disk based data transformations used in Baan reporting and Baan proceses for summarizing / compressing data and such reports / programs run regularly daily .If yes , then u can speed up the system by using memory based algorithms in such reports / programs.

4. What is the number of records in invoicing related tables like tdsls040/1/5/50/1 , tsssma tables and number of customers u talk about . Is there possibility to archieve such sales data to archieve company . That will definitely improve the performance of invoice printing.

5. Do u have large number of companies . If yes , do u share tables for modules which arenot used e.g. we did not used tp , tr modules . We shared all such tables . So in our case , for each new company the number of tables created at db level were only 500 as against 2500 . DB catalogue size greatly reduces with table sharing (of course without compromising functionality ) .

6.What is the make up ntbshell , mslsqldriver and reporting services in overall server load . mssql and reporting services are resource intensive and not releasing the resources when needed . Is it possible to reduce the allocations of memory / cpu resourses so that more resources are available to ntbshell.

7. Run TSQLs to get most time consuming SQL in runtime in enterprise manage at the time of peak loads.

8. Use baan traces to get driver related traces .

Dikkie Dik 25th March 2009 16:09

Hitesh mentioned a lot of things. Maybe I can add some more:

- Check your IO. As you do a lot of reporting stuff, this could put a heavy load on your disks.

- I would normally start with a Call Graph Profile. It shows you where your time is spend: CPU, queries or other things.

- I also recommend to make a system wide trace with e.g. perfmon. It can tell you the most consuming processes.

- Last but not least I recommend to check the database. Your report services can ruin your cache. This definitely helps to slow down normal users.

hope this helps,

sushil 10th April 2009 15:52


Just to add up to the above points ..

Assuming the OS is 32 bit - the DB shall consume only 4 GB limit even though you have 24 GB , You might need to increase System global area size (check with SQL DB) .

hence moving DB (DB only) into seperate server (64 bit OS) and increasing the SGA / pool size etc...might work.

Sushil Kumar Mudaliar

Hitesh Shah 11th April 2009 10:26

win2k3 ent edition
I think it's possible to use more memory with some pab boot switch in win2k3 enterprise edition. In 64bit there is no need for such boot switch to enable more memory utilization.

sushil 13th April 2009 05:52


Please be informed , PAE can be used in boot switch - (Physical address ext) for 4GB above support.

But it is only for WINDOWS OS not for Database i.e even if you use PAE - you will not be able to configure your Db for above 4 GB.

Sushil Kumar Mudaliar.

sushil 13th April 2009 06:14

Since your DB is SQLSERVER from Microsoft - you could try AWE in conjunction with PAE.

Hope this helps.

Sushil Kumar Mudaliar

Hitesh Shah 13th April 2009 14:50

More memory for SQL
Right . SQL can have more memory available with PAE & AWE . One more link for the same besides authentic one from MS .

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