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Erwin Ht.Galung 17th February 2009 01:48

Hi, I'm new user of BAAN about six month, i'm focusing on Cost Accounting.
Now I can not figure out how the WIP works, since it's showing minus balance. Would anyone help me why it's showing minus balance? I try to learn the program ticst3500m000 (Efficiency Variance) where this calculation comes from? and why this transaction happened

Dikkie Dik 24th February 2009 16:47

Welcome Erwin to this board,

The groupwhere you placed your question is Performance and Tuning. The performance in this group is the performance of the application, so I think your question can better be asked in another group. Most likely the group
Manufacturing & Supply Chain is the best group to post your question.

You can also Search on keywords like WIP.

Sorry I can't answer your your question, but hopefully you can do something with this.

Best regards,

philb70 24th February 2009 18:05

In breif...

Typically WIP will show negative balance when more value is drawn out of WIP than was placed in, e.g. finished goods posted to inventory but raw materials not issued.

Erwin Ht.Galung 26th February 2009 02:12

Hi philb70,

Thanks for your new tips, do you have any soft file of showing how the WIP works? would u send me to my email in I still can not figure out where some figure comes from, so that least I understand how the WIP works.

Thanks a lot:)

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