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günther 21st October 2008 08:06

Easier and quicker administration
logoff and logon

At the moment, my job is to create a new table for six different baan installations. You know what that means:
six times { login, import and create runtime, then logoff and login again, create tables }. Hey, think about the menu browser just had an option "read data dictionary again", wouldn't that be cool for the admin? Even regular users might find this very useful if they have been assigned a new menu and so on.

günther 21st October 2008 08:24

changes on session parameters (existing jobs)

Whenever you have to change some session parameters of a job, the official way is to print the session parameters, remove the session, start the sesssion and enter the new session parameters.

There are two situations when session parameters have to be chnaged: The data need to be adjusted, and the session has changed (added or removed form fields).

It would be nice if there were an easier way to adjust session parameters. I could imagine a separate session that could look e.g. like ttstpqbf, and I could imagine that the behaviour of "Tools" / "Make Job" would be enhanced.

But folks: I would like a standard way, not those workarounds!

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