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patvdv 3rd September 2008 10:32

NEW moderator: vinceco252!
Hi all,

I am very happy to announce that we have a new moderator for the Tools Admin/Development & AFS forums: vinceco252. I would like to take thanks Vincent for helping out on these forums as a moderator. Welcome on board!

vinceco252 3rd September 2008 17:40

Thanks Pat! Glad to help...

toolswizard 12th September 2008 19:17

I know Vince and he is a very talanted individual. He will add value to those forums.

Welcome Vince!

vinceco252 12th September 2008 20:23

Thanks for the endorsement Bill!


P.S. Where do I send the bribe? ;-)

toolswizard 12th September 2008 21:37

Nah, no bribe necessary.

(But maybe I can ask a question without being charged :) )

george7a 9th October 2008 10:09

Welcome Vincent :)

vinceco252 9th October 2008 23:18

Thanks George!

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