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teddybear 11th June 2008 04:53

Baan Programming Manual

Before the change to, I can access to this page.

After the change, I got the following error message whenever I try to access this site.

You do not have the right permissions to view the page you are trying to reach.

Please go back to the frontpage. "

Please advise.

george7a 11th June 2008 08:12


I hope Pat will fix that error when he sees it, for now, the programming manual can be found in this link:

- George

teddybear 12th June 2008 05:32

Thanks george7a

patvdv 12th June 2008 09:46


The old link should work again now.



teddybear 16th June 2008 05:39

Hi Patrick,

Thanks. The old link is working again.

Also, I can also launch the programming page from the main page.

Once again, many thanksssssssss.

litrax 23rd June 2008 16:40

I have a question concerning the new Programmer's Manual:
I don't understand the reason of the link "BaanERP" in the top right corner of a post.

It leads to a list without sense. Something with "taxonomy" in the URL.
It's just a loose list of posts without any association. :confused:

Can you please explain the Links "Manual", "English" and "BaanERP" to me (and perhaps other people who wondered about this links).
Or better: can you delete these links to not confuse the users?

patvdv 24th June 2008 09:28

Hi Olaf,

These terms are 'tags' (or "terms" in taxonomy speak) which are used to categorize the content. Each of these tags belongs to a certain category (or "dictionary" in taxconomy speak). In case of the Programmers Manual we have:

Category "Language" -> 'English'
Category "Type" -> 'Manual'
Category "Product" -> 'BaanERP'

This would indicate that the Programmer's Manual is provided in English, that it has content of a Manual sort of type and that the information pertains to the BaanERP version of the Baan software range.

Clicking on these links will bring you to the collection of all items with the same term. In case of the Programmer's Manual clicking on the 'English' term will present you all CMS content that has been flagged as 'English'. Due to the size of the Programmer's Manual it is indeed quite a large list and perhaps a bit unwieldy.

Note that you can also access these categories via your navigation panel:

My Baanboard > Category Browser

By default 4 categories have been defined and each of them make a number of terms available:
  • Knowlegde/Type: represents the type of content, knowledge item
  • Source/Organization: represents the source or owner of the information
  • Language: indicates in which language the information is provided in
  • Product/Service: allows content to be associated with a certain product and/or service

Also note that these tags/terms can be used throughout the CMS. For example, if you add a blog post, story, resume etc you will be presented to define all or at least some of these terms/tags. That helps to categorize your content or even associate it with other content. The "taxonomy" facility is one of the features that has made Drupal in a very popular and powerful CMS.

Does this help?

See also this FAQ:

litrax 24th June 2008 12:21

Hi Patrick,

thank you for the good explanation of this new function.
I will try and test if I can use this function for my advantage.
I think the Category Browser will be usefull in the future...

- Litrax -

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