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rh77473 12th March 2008 11:40

Performance client/server mode
Hi All,

Is there anybode who has experience with tuning Baan and Oracle running in client/server mode?
I have a customer who wants to switch from hostmode to client/server mode. They are using Baan IVc4 and want to use oracle
When running is hostmode performance is fine. Eg printing all Articles within 15 seconds. When running the same session in client/server mode the same
session took about 5 minutes.
I am wondering if special tuning is necessary for running in client/server mode. Network looks ok. It is a 1Gbit/s network and eg ftp large files is no

Thanks in advance.


dave_23 12th March 2008 23:22

there isn't much tuning specific to a 3 tier setup. most likely it is something to do with the network (duplex settings, packet sizes, etc.)

Otherwise it could be something they did in the actual move. (export/import oracle but didn't re-create statistics, re-installed oracle but didn't bother to tune it.. etc.)


Dikkie Dik 17th March 2008 15:22

I agree with Dave. Some more things that could be tested:
- Did everything became slow, or a few sessions? If everything became slow, than we have to suspect the setup, else we have to determine what has changed.
- Do you have a dedicated network between app and db server? It is advised to do so as the application server can generate quite some traffic.
- Can you check if the connection is setup properly? Can the the database server be resolved quickly etc.

Hope this helps,

rh77473 25th March 2008 10:14

Thanks for the information.
Customer is also using oracle There are some performance issues
known in this oracle release. Customer will first install the patches to see
if this helps.

And yes, everything became slow. There is a dedicated network between
app and db server. Connection looks ok.

NvanBeest 24th April 2008 22:35

Which connection are you using? Oracle SQL*Net or Baan?

Or, if the problem has been resolved, what was it?

Markus Schmitz 30th May 2008 18:07

there are a few SQL net settings, which might be beneficial and if the problem still exist, then I will did them up for you.

Apart from that, for a single user host mode is always faster, than client-server, simply due to the network overhead. The question is, how many users do you need, so that client-server starts making sense?

In the last 10 years I have seen many customers going from client-server to hostmode due to that reason. Single HW boxes bacame so fast, that even for a 1000 user installation, hostode is better than client-server. I have a real life example of this of a customer running on HP-Ux in Switzerland.



Dikkie Dik 3rd September 2008 16:30


Any updates on this issue? Like to hear what the problem was and how you solved it.

best regards,

rh77473 4th September 2008 11:17

hallo Dik,

Customer has installed the oracle patch and it was ok after that.



Dikkie Dik 4th September 2008 11:21


*The* Oracle patch does not exists :D. Can you be a bit more specific what kind of patch they installed? In 3-tier it could well be that they upgraded the client aso to 10g or so.

Best regards,

rh77473 5th September 2008 06:52

they are now using oracle

Cesar Lopez 1st November 2008 18:07

this is more related to db configuration check SGA, PGA, stats, not to have recycle bin parameter, the same version of oracle server and client,and in baan check $BSE/lib/defaults/db_resource review this parameters:



Dikkie Dik 11th October 2013 14:54

Tableboosters normally don't gain a lot. A maximum of 10% is expected.

Parallel bshell on its turn can gain a lot of performance.

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