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baanguru 26th November 2001 11:26

How to get BaaN Documents - PDF Files
I want to get BaaN Documents which are released as PDF files.

The documentation CD which comes with BaaN Software does not
contain all the files which are released by BaaN.

Also we want the latest versions of PDF files released for Docs

The BaaN support site does not list these
files in the search.

Please tell us the way to get necessary PDF files.

AS a facility itself can maintain document files.

patvdv 26th November 2001 11:40

I suggest contacting your Baan reseller and contact person for more up-to-date documents. As far as I know only user documentation is released the general public, for other documents you would have to pay (technical manuals etc). Baanboard cannot serve as repository simply because a. we currently do not have the technical framework for it and b. we require permission from Baan to do so. This may or may not happen in the future.

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