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patvdv 16th August 2007 11:25

6th Birthday!!
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Hi all,

It is around this time of the year that we celebrate the birthday of baanboard. And this year we are already up to number #6. So I'd like to wish all members of the forum/wiki a Happy Birthday :)

At the same time I would like to take the opportunity to announce that the site is now running on a totally new, shiny server. It is a HP Proliant DL360G5 with a 2 Ghz DC core, 2 GB RAM and plenty of disk space. The box also has a 4yrs next-business-day on-site hardware support contract.

Attached you can see some pics of the box at the unwrapping stage and in the co-location. The old webserver has been "recycled" into a backup server (running Bacula) and is located just underneath the webserver in the rack.

I think with this new system we are set for another 4,5 superb (at least!) years of community spirit :)

george7a 16th August 2007 11:31

Happy Birthday BaanBoard!

en@frrom 16th August 2007 14:04

Happy birthday, and allow me to use this opportunity to once again thank all those who add to the succes of Baanboard.

mr_suleyman 16th August 2007 15:24

Congratulations BB !
pics are very nice ! I'm sure that everbody contribute something to their success on this platform.

Thanks BB and its creators !

mark_h 16th August 2007 16:03


Originally Posted by george7a (Post 122883)
Happy Birthday BaanBoard!

Ditto here!!!

sukesh75 16th August 2007 16:03

Looking forward to some fast and furious surfing on BB...:cool:


dilipk.pandey 17th August 2007 15:31

@Congratulations to everybody...
Congratulations to all who are associated with BB...and thanks to Board Master for giving birth to such a great board on web...ofcourse the birthday gifts are looking very useful and nice for BaanBoard...I wish BB all the very best...


steveauckly 17th August 2007 15:52

happy b-day
I've been programming in Baan longer than the board has been here, but I'm not too proud to come to a six year old for help. Thanks to all who make this board what it is!

Neal Matthews 17th August 2007 22:31

Happy Birthday BB.

Many thanks to the creators and the contributors for creating such a valuable resource.

vinceco252 17th August 2007 22:58

Happy birthday!

Hitesh Shah 18th August 2007 14:34

Great work Patrick . Ur community spirit really deserves good applause . Happy Birthday.

vaishrii 21st August 2007 11:20

Belated wishes Baan board
I Know I Am Too Late To Wish ! But Would Wish The Board To Grow More & Thank For The Valuable Help Provided To Us Users.

rsundaresan 14th September 2007 11:01

Greate News, Happy Birthday. Looking forward to fast access.


alejandro 14th September 2007 11:58

Congratulations, thank's to all,and for many many many more years...

baanpro 14th September 2007 20:52

Happy birthday... My day would not start if I don't visit baanboard. Same might be true for many members...My best wises for baanboard

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