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malfaro 12th April 2007 15:55

MS-SQL Server Tunning For Baan IV
Hello, how are you?

We have Baan IV c4 with MS-SQL server 2000 in a W2000 server. (with level 2)

The ODBC connection is very fast and the baan access is very slow in comparison with.

We are preparing a document to tuning the DB for Baan. And the first thing in the list is a task to rebuilding the index in SQL 2000 every X time. The second check the perfomance indicator to look for the bottlenecks.

The Question is : Can someone send me any information about tunning / perfomance SQL server for Baan than we must consider ??



Juergen 18th April 2007 15:24

Hi Malfaro,

do you know this thread ?


malfaro 23rd April 2007 15:42

thanks, but....
Thanks, this guide is very usefull and there are a lot of things to check in my configuration.
But my question is about the maintenance of the SQL server with baan and the tunning of that database.
We are running with our configuration for years and our database grow and we want to maximize access speed. For example we are programming a task to reorganize the tables index because if you don't extract the information and you import after, the index never have been reorganize. If you create and delete information in a table (level 2) when the time goes the index is useless.

Thanks for your futures answers

Miguel Angel Alfaro

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