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akashag21 16th February 2007 12:43

Standard session running slow
We are working on Baan4.. we have an standard session of distribution which is running very slow .....

Any suggestion ????

mark_h 16th February 2007 13:41

More information is needed. Has it always run slow or did it just start? In what way is it slow - moving from one record to the next(or previous)? Maybe the session name would help someone? In Oracle(sometimes) this is fixed by running statistics - have you do the informix equivalent?

akashag21 16th February 2007 14:50

More info
Well as soon as the session is opened it does not get data fetch from the table or so the cursor hangs on for 8mins .
This problem is occurring for last one month.
The databse used being in informix.Update statistics is being done tooo..

mark_h 16th February 2007 16:06

Which session? I have seen a couple of sessions mentioned on this board with problems and a couple of work arounds. I know on my system I just had to change the start option on one session that became slow. You might want to do a search on your session name and see what you find.

akashag21 17th February 2007 05:56

The session is tisfc0102m000
Hi i have seesn other posts for the same session but there conditinos are different.

In This session(the lower part) in it self gets opened so slowly..

mark_h 19th February 2007 14:55

I would see if your DBA could maybe trace the performance. I would concentrate around tisfc010. I would also contact SSA support to see if they could help. All I can think of for know.

Dikkie Dik 23rd February 2007 14:33

What changed?
What was changed during the last month? Don't tell me that nothing changed, else this would not happen. Portingset? Informix upgrade? solution?

Kind regards,

sukesh75 24th February 2007 08:16

Are you getting this when you are logged on as baan(super user) or as a normal user? Any new user authorizations on sessions or tables set in the last one month?


akashag21 24th February 2007 15:20

Ya. there were few activites.. one is level 1to level 2 to migration(dec mid) and porting set upgradation(in dec starting)....Only this sesion is having problem..

EdwinvdBorg 24th February 2007 16:37

I do not believe this problem is due to a generic cause. It simply has to do with one session and should be looked at from an application perspective rather than a technical (tools and hardware) perspective.

I can think of two possible causes:

- Since you are now on a level 2 database driver you have to make sure the BAAN software object for tisfc0102 is supporting this level 2 situation. Your best bet may be to install the latest solution for tisfc0102m000. In the past performance enhancements were made for this session and the level of the database driver may have an impact
- I remember there is a problem with the performance in this session when a BAAN customer is using lot-controlled items in Manufacturing.
By running session tisfc0102m000 in profile mode you should be able to find the part of the program that is causing this problem. The profile action make take a day or two but it will be worth the effort.

Good luck!

Dikkie Dik 9th March 2007 13:58

I agree with Edwin. If after all the performance is stiil bad, create a Call Graph Profile (see Chapter 2 of this document, and log an issue at Baan Support with this output.

Hope this helps,

BTW: I understood that the latest Informix version (IDS 10.00.xC6) is performing better than the previous versions.

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