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zardoz 24th October 2006 10:29

Logical Tables and Companies
I don't know if it discussed before or if it exists in later versions, but I have is a simple idea for an improvement...

Why Baan doesn't put in any table a field with the company number who generated the row?
There are a lot of tables that you can make logical to implement multi-company, they usually uses a field called "ocmp" (Original Company). Usually doesn't means always...

It's right, a lot of tables doesn't need that field to be 'sharable', but on the other side, if you want other tables to be sharable you have to customize those tables and all scripts and dll's and include functions... a lot of dumb and expensive work.

Dikkie Dik 15th December 2006 15:46

I think I don't fully understand your problem but if you make a company shareable over multiple companies, you don't need that company column. Further you have to extent all queries (and indexes) with a company column. Last but not least the Baan architecture gives you the possibility to have a different package combination for company A compared to B. So, from many points the approach Baan has is preferable compared to having an additional company column.

kind regards,

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