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kmcinc 18th October 2006 11:35

Webtop vs. Worktop
Has anyone ever done a pro/con analysis about Webtop versus Worktop? What are the criteria to decide for one over the other?

Here are a couple of aspects i gathered and hope that you add to the list:
- easy deployment by using common internet browser
- no client installation necessary
- global access
- thin/zero client
- reduced network traffic
- personalized interface

The only con I found against using Webtop is for Tools people: supposedly, Webtop does not support Tools access while Worktop does. I also heard that not all features of Baan are supported such as DEM. True or false? What else is not supported in Webtop?

What are the pros/cons of using Worktop?

I haven't found a topic covering this, only bits and pieces. My hope is that this thread will help others as well who are not sure which client to deploy.

Thanks for your feedback,

Han Brinkman 18th October 2006 13:13

bw vs webtop
We use for certain 5.0c installation webtop instead of bw for nearly a year:

Pro's of Webtop:
- user can define filters
- user can hide columns
- user can resize columns
- more windows look and feel?

Con's of webtop:
- it's slower than bw
- you need to have java installed on the client which needs to maintained (newer versions)
- stability of the browser is not as good as of bw
- own developed sessions act sometimes differently in webtop compared to bw
- configuration of profiles is not very easy, especially linking dem company to data company

The parts of DEM that we use are supported in Webtop.


NPRao 18th October 2006 19:58

Refer to all the WebTop documentation and latest releases:

Document code: P3588B US
Release: SSA® WebTop 4.2 for ERP LN
Publication date: September 06

The only con I found against using Webtop is for Tools people: supposedly, Webtop does not support Tools access while Worktop does. I also heard that not all features of Baan are supported such as DEM. True or false? What else is not supported in Webtop?
The tools sessions, which do not have any client interfaces (Program Scripts require local editor, Integrated Sesssions/Forms require DFE etc) should be working in WebTop. Thin DEM is the DEM in WebTop.

Worktop/BW have dependencies on the Porting Set, Enterprise Server Version etc. You have to manage all the desktops with the correct versions.

If WebTop is the primary interface for all end-users you should also consider to design it for fail-over capability. And also if you are using WebSphere etc then you also have to consider the license and support cost$. If there is no fail-over capability then you have a single point of failure.

Flip_J 19th October 2006 12:06

Webtop is now faster than BW. There were changes made and Webtop now uses less resources and is faster.
You can not edit your DEM processes via webtop but the EME can be used as a stand alone program.
Also currently you do not have access to GTM via webtop as you are linked to the webserver and not the database.

As I understand Webtop will become the official user interface and the rest will fall away anyway.

Han Brinkman 19th October 2006 12:19

Not faster
In our environment webtop is definitly not faster as bw. I agree that it is still improving.


NPRao 19th October 2006 18:57


Webtop is now faster than BW.
In our environment webtop is definitly not faster as bw.
Based on my testing on the latest versions, I noticed that it takes a lot of time/cpu to startup on IE (<7 version) and loads faster in FireFox/Netscape Navigator. 3-GL programs (like GTM) cannot be used in Webtop in the current releases. Currently, Webtop is only a presentation layer and not a Developer's Workbench like Worktop/BW.

kmcinc 23rd October 2006 01:04

Can anybody confirm Flip's comment about Webtop becoming the official user interface which will replace everything else (i.e. Worktop at a minimum)? Has anybody else heard that too?

NPRao 23rd October 2006 20:55

More info in the Webtop:

Differences SSA WebTop vs SSA Worktop

Worktop is a user interface, that runs on your local computer.
WebTop is a web based user interface, that runs in your Internet Explorer.
If you launch an ERP session in Worktop, the session is opened in a new window.
If you launch an ERP session in WebTop, the session is opened in the WebTop Workarea.
The main differences between WebTop and WorkTop are described below:
Smart Links in WebTop enable you to quickly zoom to a related session from an overview session. Your system administrator can define your smart links for you. Smart links come in two types:
On field level: You can start a smart link on field-level points from a particular table field of an overview session to a particular record in a details session. The details session with the particular record selected starts when you activate the smart link. The smart link is visable on the table field.
On column level: A smart link on column level points from a particular column of an overview session to an overview session. The overview session starts when you activate the smart link. The smart link is visable on the column header.
In the Find dialog box, the sorting order is missing. You can change the sort order through the Sort By option in the View menu. No default values appear in the Find dialog box.
In Worktop, you can delete ranges from the Edit menu. In addition, you can copy groups and ranges. In WebTop, you can only delete a range for which the focus has been set. You cannot use the scroll bar to select a range. You cannot copy groups or ranges in WebTop.
For text fields, the SSA ERP Editor and Microsoft Word are not supported. In WebTop, the Multi-line Editor is always used.
The shortcut keys in WebTop differ from Worktop, refer to Keyboard Support Overview.
The position of form buttons in WebTop differ from Worktop.

Differences (DEM) SSA WebTop vs SSA Worktop

This topic is intended to inform those who usually work with ERP through Worktop. When you start to work with WebTop, the main distinguishing feature works with the DEM group. Confusion can arise if you work with both Worktop and WebTop because icons and folders differ in these tools and the Process Viewer has deviating functionality. DEM adequately works from both user interfaces.
Baan Process Browser Structure
The structure of the Process Browser tree differs slightly between Worktop and WebTop. In Worktop, a Business Process is both a folder and activity. If you click the process folder, the graphical representation appears in the embedded Process Viewer.
In WebTop, an additional layer is introduced. A process folder contains the activities of the process, but the first child of the folder is always Show DEM Process. If you activate this node, the graphical representation of the process appears in the embedded Process Viewer. When you activate the process folder, the folder expands but does not start the graphical representation.
In DEM, you can associate icons to application components. In Worktop, you can use these icons to display the components in the SSA Process Browser and on the Shortcut Bar. WebTop ignores these icons and instead uses its own icon set.
Attach Note
In Worktop, you can use the Attach Note option to add personal work instructions to any DEM activity. In WebTop, this option is not available.
In Worktop, URLs attached to activities or processes in DEM are launched inside the embedded Internet Explorer. In WebTop, URLs are always launched in a new browser window.
File-Based Activities
In Worktop, file-based activities run directly on activation. Because WebTop runs in a secure environment, a dialog box first appears that asks whether you want to open or save the file. You must click Open to run the activity.
Customize Shortcut Icons
In Worktop, you can customize the icons associated with a shortcut. In WebTop, you cannot customize icons.
Process Viewer Tabs
In Worktop, only one Business Process appears in the embedded Process Viewer. In WebTop, each process appears on a separate workbook tab. You can use the Locate option to locate and select the corresponding node in the Baan Process Browser Structure.
Copy Process to Clipboard
In Worktop, the Copy to Clipboard option is available, which copies the currently displayed Business Process as an image to the clipboard. This option is not available in WebTop.
Copy Properties to Clipboard
The Properties dialog box on DEM activities in Worktop contains a Copy to Clipboard button, which you can click to copy the properties to the clipboard. This option is not available in WebTop.
Fit in Window
In the embedded Process Viewer of Worktop, the Fit in Window option is available. This option resizes the process to fit the process exactly in the current window. This option is not available in WebTop
Subapplications do not appear in WebTop, but these subapplications are present in Worktop.
Context Menus on Activities in Process Viewer
In Worktop, activities in the graphical representation of the process have a context menu that you can use to request properties, roles, and so on in that activity. These context menus are not available in WebTop and you must use the Process Browser to perform these actions.
Customizable Number of Days displayed in Bold
In Worktop, each user can define the number of days that changed Business Processes must be displayed in bold in the Process Browser. In WebTop, this period is always seven days and cannot be changed.
Use Default DEM Model
In Worktop, users can work with a default DEM model instead of selecting the DEM model in the document. In Worktop, unlike WebTop, using the switch company, users can subsequently switch to another DEM model at run time. You can use a default DEM model but you cannot change to another model at run time.
Help Texts
In Worktop, DEM Help texts appear inside the embedded Internet Explorer of Worktop. In WebTop, SSA Web Help displays these help texts in a separate browser window.
Process Header
In Worktop, unlike WebTop, you can show the header of the process.
External Codes
In Worktop, you can toggle on and off the display of external codes. You cannot modify this display in WebTop
Activity Filter
In Worktop, to filter particular activities from the Process Browser, you can click Tree on the View menu. This option is not available in WebTop
Change Company Allowed
In the Baan User DEM Settings session, you can define whether a DEM employee is permitted to change to a different company. This option is read by Worktop, but ignored by WebTop. In WebTop, DEM employees are always permitted to perform a company change.
Evaluate Static Conditions
In the DEM parameters session, you can define whether static conditions must be evaluated. Worktop reads this option, but WebTop ignores the option and always evaluates static conditions
Drag and Drop
In Worktop, you can drag activities from the Process Viewer onto the shortcut bar to create a shortcut. This option is not available in WebTop
Default Company
If only the Process Browser is enabled, the default startup company that immediately displays after you open the document in Worktop is the same as the DEM modeling company. In WebTop, the default company defined in the User Data session is used as the default startup company

kmcinc 24th October 2006 09:04


is this an excerpt of a Baan document? If so, can you give me the doc number?


NPRao 24th October 2006 10:41

Tom, this information is available within the WebTop.

Paul Eden 19th March 2007 12:36

Cons - but are they really?
You are correct about DEM. The editor does not function in Webtop, and you cannnot maintain the DEM in webtop (you must use worktop to do it regardless)

Paul Eden

NPRao 19th March 2007 20:07

DEM Editor or DFE editor etc are all Programmer's Tools which need additional software to be installed on the local desktop.

WebTop is for the end-user and zero-client interface to BaaN. So you don't have to deal with upgrading/installing every end-users' desktop at different/remote site to get access to the BaaN Server.

Paul Lambert 26th March 2007 16:08


I use for the 1st time webtop, and I want to know how to generate all sessions in 1 time, instead of at each session launch.

Thanks a lot.


Flip_J 26th March 2007 16:28

This might Help
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See attached - Admin options

Paul Lambert 26th March 2007 21:07

Thanks Flip.



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