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pokitlok 17th August 2006 04:52

BaaN Documentation (PDF files)
Hi, Broad Master!

Recently, I clean my PC and consolidate some BaaN Documentations (mainly for BaaN IV) which I collected in the past few years.

Some of them cannot even be found on the offical supports more, such as Sizing Guide and Programming Features.

Any suggestion how to legally share with users here?!

patvdv 21st August 2006 00:03

Hi Pokitlok,

Sharing documents in a 'legal' fashion can only happen if these documents are allowed to be distributed freely by their publisher. Baanboard has no relationship with SSA Global and as such we do not have any priviledges to provide this kind of content as such.

metbaan 1st December 2006 20:48

Baan IV documents

do you still have these documents? If so, let me know.

billymoe 21st March 2007 11:28

I'd also like to know if you still have the information. I am new to Baan4 and have been looking for some printed instructions to help.

smbhatt 22nd March 2007 12:21

Dear Sir,
I had implemented Baan IV in year 2000. I left that company and now I need them at another company. Please Please help me by sending them (zip file) at I am ready to pay for the same. I hpe they contain screenshots etc. I would be forever grateful if you can help me.
Shirish Bhatt
Anand, Gujarat, India

pokitlok 23rd March 2007 03:19

Using Baan IV
6 Attachment(s)
For you all reference!
  1. Download files and remove the ".zip" suffix
  2. ZIP the files

It is a good reference but may not be published. ;)

smbhatt 26th March 2007 06:56

Thanks a lot. I have some word files but unfortunately, the screenshots are not there - I do not know where they vanished. If u want then please tell me how do I upload them in 1 zip file like u have done. Once again thanks for the same.
Shirish Bhatt

sukesh75 26th March 2007 08:06

For some reasons, its giving "Unexpected end of Archive" error when trying to open the first file after having removed the .zip suffix..

What am i doing wrong?


mpenno 26th March 2007 10:43

Move file to :

After :

@echo off
echo Starting Using Baan IV File Merger
echo Merging Files
copy /b
echo Split completed
echo Removing Temporary files that are no longer needed

Now unzip file




sukesh75 26th March 2007 12:22

Thanks Max!! That was the only thing i didnt do as i was mislead by the instructions to zip all of them together...

Looks pretty old...but surely must be an interesting read...


billymoe 27th March 2007 12:26

Thank you
Thank you for the zip files. I haven't been able to open them yet, but I will keep trying. I am new to Baan and just have to spend time getting used to it.

pokitlok 28th March 2007 06:11

Yes, it is pretty old, but you know Baan IV was launched almost 10 years ago.

And all the chapters were drafted by some Baan experties (check authors list, you can lots of Baan gurus). :cool:

This material covers all the modules of BaaN IV and highlights all the key functions and features. It is so good for BaaN IV overview.

Anyway, donno why this good material seems have not been published. :confused: I just found a printed copy in a corner of a mess book shelf years ago.

BTW, since Baanboard limits the file type of uploading files, the split file names are added suffix ".zip" before uploading. So, it needs to remove the suffix before zipping.


Originally Posted by sukesh75 (Post 111976)
Thanks Max!! That was the only thing i didnt do as i was mislead by the instructions to zip all of them together...

Looks pretty old...but surely must be an interesting read...


abas_cool 24th April 2007 08:02

can't unzip that files
dear all,

Why I can't unzip this file.
please help me.

or send me a file without zip to

thank you.


sukesh75 24th April 2007 09:39

When you save the file, dont forget to put underscores..
i.e instead of saving it as "Using BaaN" save it as
"" and then do what Max has mentioned in his post...


abas_cool 26th April 2007 07:01

Dear Sukesh75,

can you give that file direct to my email or give me link so I can download that file.
thank you.

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