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RKing-Dubai 15th July 2006 15:04


for tfgld1101m000,While attaching invoices to credit notes(tfacp2121s000).it throws an below shown error message.

fatal error:Error 100(duplicate value) on tfacp200904(max retries (10) exceeded)
fatal error:can not continue in tfacp2121s000(on.choice.cont.process)

kindly help.

mig28mx 17th July 2006 17:22

Usually error 100, indicates what it means. This is, maybe u are trying to link a credit note to a invoice that already has been linked to the same credit note.

By the other hand, maybe this is caused by a bug on the session. U should veryfy the what of the session and contact with ssa global support to obtain the latest object for this particular session.

Also u can check on the $BSE/log directory to see a more detailed explanation.

At first sight, u are obtaining the error on tfacp200, In this table the system registers all the invoices and also all the payments, credit notes etc.

Hope this help.
Good luck.

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