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avpatil 30th March 2006 14:35

HTML - Bill of Material
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Hi Everyone,
I thought of sharing this. We develped an HTML based Bill of Material through Baan.
It has two section, one - Indented BOM and other Summarized section. All the part numbers has hyperlinks for the specification of compnents and that can be accessed via internet. We emailed such BOM to our manufacturers and it has helped us a lot in giving the information more quicker and easier. You may also like this. See the attachment.


EdwinvdBorg 30th March 2006 14:50

Hi Arvind,

I have seen a lot during my 14 years in the ERP arena and have to say a nice piece of work. Especially when you realize it is done for BAAN IV which is not that easy to expose.
Good that you share this kind of information with the rest of the user community.
Did you build this yourself?



avpatil 30th March 2006 14:53

Html Bom
Yes I did this my self. It took 2-3 days tomake it work. All it is doing is creating a HTML file from Baan (using Baan Reports), Emailing HTML file (we have command line email client for Windows that is called from Baan), and doing sftp to our servers for the hyperlink. SImple concept, but when put together can be powerful.


baan_user 10th May 2006 13:08

Hi Arvind,

Very good job. I am doing the same but at SQL Server Level and the output will be in our report writer.

I will post my queries (SQL Server) once I have completed them.


avpatil 10th May 2006 13:13

I am using Baan BOM logic, so I need not worry about exploding BOM. The BOM logic can be quite involved like revision, effective date, item type changes to Manufacture to purchase etc.
I would be interested to see SQL code.


Ishank Mangla 3rd July 2017 08:11


I also want to create a Label printing all lines report in HTML, I have designed the page by using the HTML code but i am unable to get the solution of printing the report in HTML with the help of LN 10.4, so can you please help me that how can I use HTML code in LN 10.4 to print the report in HTML format through LN 10.4


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