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deepaksachdeva 12th January 2006 06:51

Performance issue after providing field level auth.
Hi all,

i am facing few issues related to performance of the session after applying the field level authorization on few users, could some one help me out how i can overcome with this.???

any suggessions/remarks will be highly appreciated.

with Regards

NPRao 12th January 2006 20:40


Refer to the thead - Authorisation... Does it tax the performance

Please search for existing theads for gain more insight. You have specified different BaaN versions, databases and OS in your profile, be specific to the version. Specify what kinda of table field level authorizations did you setup in the Role Data ? Are they part of indexes ?

lbencic 12th January 2006 23:20

Also, I will add, that SSA Development is aware that field level validations cause a major slow down. In some cases, like what data do we display on the form, it's bad but not SO bad. In other cases (Baan V / Outbounding / Warehouse field level restriction), it's ridiculous, I assume because the same table with the field level authorizations is read like 50 times. In these cases, SSA Development may have a patched version with more efficient code that will lessen the problem. So, contact them with specifics as well, and make sure you have the most recent version of session code and tools/porting sets.

dave_23 13th January 2006 02:09

Is this in Baan 5+ or Baan 4? auths are handled differently between the two veresions.


deepaksachdeva 14th January 2006 04:54

we are using Baan IV C4


Hitesh Shah 19th January 2006 15:02

field level authorization
Hi Deepak ,

We had tried to use field level authorization but left the idea due to poor performance. We are managing the authorizations through sessions only .

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