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skapoor73 24th November 2005 19:26

Experience with ANSI_OUTER_JOIN parameter

We are working towards migrating from Oracle to Oracle alongwith other changes(much faster hardware than current). Baan version is IVc2 and the Porting Set will be 6.1c.07.08. OS will be AIX 5.2(ML4).

Baan solution 202168 talks about setting the ANSI_OUTER_JOIN to 1. Has anyone tried this and on what Oracle version? Have you seen any performance improvement with that?

We are facing some performance issues with some sessions while in some others we are not getting the desired results. Has anyone used this parameter and found any positive results on sessions like Generate Outbound, Sales Orders, etc.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Markus Schmitz 25th November 2005 10:20

After migrating to Oracle 9.2.05, we had in principal good performance, apart from some special sessions. I guess very similar to your case.

At that time, the "ANSI_OUTER_JOIN" parameter was not described in the Baan knowledgebase, but following the other articles on the Baan support site, we were able to resolve all issues apart from one: MRP was slow.

So when the ANSI_OUTER_JOIN parameter appeared, we tried it and the MRP issues was indeed resolved. Unfortunately printing order acknowledgments became so slow, that we had to remove the parameter again.

Conclusion: In some session it ,ight help, but you will need to test your whole Baan application after setting it!!!



skapoor73 25th November 2005 23:36

Were there any data issues after setting the parameter?
Hello Markus,

Thanks for your reply. Quick questions:

1. How long have you been on Oracle 9.2.05 and have you seen any issues with this Oracle version(like any kind of performance degradation over a period of time)?
2. What are your Baan, PS and OS versions?
3. You indicated that you had issues with some sessions. How were you guys able to overcome that - tuning on the parameters side or tuning the code or both? Can you share some of the sessions where you had issues?
4. When you used the ANSI_OUTER_JOIN parameter, did any of the query results in any of the sessions change(I have seen some documents on metalink which suggest that this MAY change the results of some queries).

In my case, I am also moving to a much faster server(7x). So, I am seeing better performance in most areas. However, in some sessions either I do not see any signficant improvement or in some cases, the performance is not consistent(like in Generate Outbound session). I am dealing with Baan IVc2 on AIX 5.2.
Thanks in advance for your replies.


Dikkie Dik 28th November 2005 16:57

Hi Suresh,

You mentioned that for some sessions you did not get a performance improvement on the new machine. Is this with or without ANSI_OUTER_JOIN turned on?

So far I haven't heard good news about the Oracle ANsi Join and Baan. SSA has some TAR's open about this topic and performance so I think is still far from optimal.

Kind regards,

skapoor73 28th November 2005 17:17

Performance is not optimal in some sessions without the ANSI parameter
Hi Dick,

I have not implemented and tried this parameter yet as my consultants pointed out that there are some known issues on metalink where the results of some queries may change. These seem to have been addressed in later versions of Oracle. At this point, I want to know if the incorrect query results issue applies to BaaN and Oracle 9.2.05 and if anyone else has got good results with this parameter(especially since it is recommended by SSA).

The performance in some sessions is not upto the mark on some sessions and that is without the ANSI_OUTER_JOIN parameter.


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