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bean_k 8th September 2005 22:36

BaanIVc3 : profile device for batch job?

I'm on BaanIVc3. I believe there is an environment variable to set to enable the "profiler" reports to print to a certain device when a session is executed in a Job in Baan. Does anyone have the details on the environment variable I need to set? The profiler of which I speak is the one on form 2 of the maintain scripts session. I can run the session manually and when I close the session the Device selection window pops up and I can tell baan where to print the profiler report, but I need to be able to print a profiler report from a Baan job.

If this is possible, please let me know how / what environment variables to set.
Thanks !

Dikkie Dik 19th September 2005 11:52

When running with an accient portingset, PROF_DEVICE is the environment variable you are looking for.

When running with the latest and greatest, see the details about the Call Graph profiler in this link

Kind regards,

bean_k 19th September 2005 19:22

Thank you
Thank you. That worked for me. I really appreciate the assistance.

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