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delphin 20th April 2005 18:28

Baan and SQL Server
What performance/tuning does Baan do against a SQL server DB?

I am designing some reports on a site with Crystal and the Baan Solution Kit. I am also a SQL server developer, but the first time I have had a chance to work with Baan. The reports seem to be running a lot slower than I expect them to and I asked how often they do any performance tuning on SQL server. I was told that Baan does all of that and they do not need to touch it.

Is this correct? Or will the normal tuning and maintenance still need to be done on SQL server?

avpatil 21st April 2005 01:51

Baan and SQl SERVER
If that report duns slower in Baan then it would be slow in Crytal using Baan driver also. Best option would be to use ODBC driver and you can that report performance will improve by many times. The only limitations is that if you have multiple Baan companies then it will be an issue as in database the tables are specific to a company. But once can do some work around solution to overcome that too. We use crytal in our company also. You can email me at

Arvind Patil

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