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batmush 18th January 2005 19:53

SQL Mem usage is too high.
Hi guys,
I have 1G RAM on the BaaN server. 77-80% of Mem usage is for sqlservr.exe so I have only 50M RAM available. :(
Is this normal?

p.cole 18th January 2005 23:17

Yep, SQL Server uses as much memory as it can so that it can cache tables in memory for faster access. There are settings to tweak this though.

batmush 19th January 2005 15:00

What kind of settings? Where?
Could you tell me where are the settings?

Viplov 24th October 2005 11:08

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This document will help you

Darren Phillips 25th October 2005 00:27

in enterprise manager there is an option to either allow sql to use the memory in dynamic mode or allocate a specific amount of memory to sql. I found on SQL7 that if it was in dynamic mode the server would lock up after about 3 weeks. once allocated the memory the problem went away.

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