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bamnsour 1st October 2004 15:34

Interview with Jan Baan - founder of Cordys
Check this,1759,1663262,00.asp

- Bader

psstthok 12th October 2004 00:15

Believe what you choose - most people do
The article to which you provide a link would be funny if it weren't so sad (and offensive). Jan (have you ever met him?, I have, a couple of times - and his little brother too) doesn't understand most of the words used in it. Jan has an average understanding of sales and marketing and has used these skills to maximum (personal) advantage. Don't blindly believe what he has to say about "the whole product stack", "information container"(s), "single architecture" <need I go on???> The words will impress decision makers -(what was that? I guess I really need to get the company a really big stack container for the sort of architecture we need for the business strategy).

Yeah, Ok Jan - if you can sell it, carry on. It probably has some good value, and is probably based on some very good (and well intentioned) ideas.

But if you (mr or mrs decision-maker) buy it, somebody in your organisation (probably in IT) will say (or scream) YOU DID WHAT????

listen to that person, before you sign the check.

<disclaimer - I do not work for any company competing with Cordy's or Baan etc>

hantes 19th November 2004 09:58

Hello psstthok,

verry funny (the IT-Dep. is screaming: YOU DID WHAT????), but this is not marketing, its reality!
Have you hear something about SAP NetWeaver? If not, have a look at this movie SAP Shai Agassi. Shai Agassi, member of the board of directors from SAP, talks about the product and the idea of the service oriented architecture of SAP NetWeaver!

And its available for the SAP - Market in the world!!!!!!! :eek:

I think, that it is a new generation of technologie, that will radical change the ERP-market and our task is to use this technologie for our advantage!

PS.: Is it true, that Shai Agassi was a minor investor at the TopTier-company?


bamnsour 19th November 2004 10:06

Shai Agasi
Shai Agasi is the founder of Top-Tier. SAP acquired Top-Tier and he became a senior manager at SAP.

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