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hdruiter 17th July 2004 23:10

CORDYS as visionair in GARTNERS APS Quadrant
Hello everyone,

Check this out at the Gartner website, Cordys enters the Application platform Suite quadrant!!!!! (

Gartner also listed CORDYS among the top 4 vendors (BEA, Cordys, IBM and SAP) for Composte Application development.

A great achievement, will this be the next great future technology???

jeremyjohnson65 19th July 2004 14:37


yes, great achievement, but as the market trend is showing, the APS market is consolidating and commoditazing. So, when can I get Cordys for free like JBoss?

W Rijsemus 20th July 2004 11:32

Hello Jeremy

You can get it for free today via I guess we anticipated your question. Greetings

pamillet 20th July 2004 14:20

very interesting news...
but why do you not attach this report ... or just the texte on cordys and the quadrant itself... ?


jeremyjohnson65 20th July 2004 16:21

Hi Rijsmus,

yes, need to have, but the site does not work. If I go under the download section, my explorer crashes. Hopefully the site is not built with Cordys software.


EdwinvdBorg 20th July 2004 16:39

Must register as a c-Tunes member first
Hi Jeremy,

In order to be able to download the software from c-Tunes you have to first register yourself as a member of an existing organization with c-Tunes.
Currently the free version of the Cordys BCP software has been made available to universities and colleges only and I am sure that soon you will be able to get this software as an individual as well.
Regarding your browser, please let us know what Windows and IE versions you are using as this may have an impact on your situation.



vgobiraj 20th July 2004 18:21

Magic Quadrant for Application Platform Suites, 2Q04
Link to Magic Quadrant

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