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Kotharu Narayan 1st December 2003 13:31

Inventory balances-Logistics/Finance

There is difference in inventory balances between Distribution and Finance. Session tdinv6230m000 is run and the values shown there in are different from the the ledger balances and the corresponding dimensions.
Any other session in logistics to print inventory reports? How to reconcile both?


himanshu 3rd December 2003 06:34

We have developed a few reports for the reconcillation purpose. There is no standard report from BaaN to carry out the required reco.
Mail me I would forward the program logic and if you have a good tools expert get it dveloped in -house.

Kotharu Narayan 6th December 2003 06:18

Hi Himanshu,

Thanks for the reply. can you please send the program logic to my mail

Thanks once again.

baanmanindia69 7th December 2003 14:57


There are certain serious issues with Finance & Distribution inventory especially when the items are valued at lot prices (You may note that the accounting standards require that the inventory should be valued at 'cost', which is nothing but lot prices). Hence we can not value at FTP.

But in BaaN the lot prices are dynamic and the lot price history is not stored anywhere, unlike the standard price history. Hence if you want to value inventory as on a particular date, say at the month end, you will get inventory as on the month end, but valued at CURRENT lot price. But finance postings consider the value based upon the posting period. Hence the Finance & Distribution inventory can never match, with the standard mechanism. We have overcome this problem with the following procedure.

We take a back up of lot price as at the month end. (At 12o'clock night, precisely). This price represents the result of all transactions, variences etc that has taken place during the month. Anyway, ledger posting is based upon the fiscal period. We close the period sharply at the month end. We have customized a report of inventory valuation by Cost price components, based upon the above table (table created for the purpose of backup). Finance mapping is maintained based upon Cost price Components.

With this, the Finance Inventory & Distribution inventory must tally. Anyway, there some difference still, and this is because of our own operation issues, like the user changing the cost price component/item group in the item master level, at the middle of the month, etc. Otherwise, the inventories must tally.

Himanshu, can you please forward me also the program logic. My email id is


Jayant Keskar 9th December 2003 09:01

Hi Himanshu

Could you send the programme login to me also My email


Norman 12th December 2003 01:25

Report Logic

Reconciling stock has always been an issue with Baan. I would appreciate any report logic you may have.

My e-mail is:

Thankyou for your help.


ashishj 19th September 2017 00:18

I would appreciate if you can share with me too. I am using ERP LN.

My e-mail is:

Thankyou for your help.

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