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patvdv 1st March 2002 10:36

TIP: Registration and email addresses
Here's a little piece of advice for guests who intend to register on the site: please try to avoid using e-mail address from, etc. The reason being that very often these users do not receive the activation/confirmation email that is sent out to them straight after the registration. This email is important as it contains a link which allows you to activate your account. Without activation you can only read but not post messages on the board.

Similarly, the story applies for other emails being sent from to these type of e-mail addresses: e.g. post notifications, community bulletins.

At each stage it is possible to change your registered e-mail adresses from your User CP, however it will also mean that another confirmation email will be sent to your new address and that your account will be temporarily locked until you re-activate your account using the link in the new confirmation email.

patvdv 6th November 2002 10:41

Your BAAN details
Here's another tip: when filling out your profile, please be so kind to enter details in the OS type, database type and Baan version fields. It will help people willing to assist you in any queries to quickly identify what software you are using!

NvanBeest 28th May 2003 15:50

Seems to me that a lot of people still ignore this last request. Can't you make it mandatory?


patvdv 28th May 2003 15:56

Yes we can but we don't really want to as you will have the danger of people entering information 'just for the sake of'. This really relies on the goodwill of members I am afraid. If you want help then enter the details in your profile correctly!

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