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tzwetan 12th June 2003 18:09

Long username?
Hi there,

I was wondering if I can use up to 16 chars usernames in BaaN 5c. The reason is to keep the existing schema in our organization...

Any comments will be appreciated

NPRao 12th June 2003 18:38

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No you cannot as BaaN allows only 12 characters in the User Data Table for the BaaN user and only 8 characters for the Operating System user id.

avpatil 20th January 2004 18:36

Baan User login
On Baan IVc we were able to do this. It is crude, but it works. You need to change the user profile file that Baan creates when we do conver to run time for User. You can go and edit the file with whatever system login u would like.


tnzabo 17th January 2007 20:46

hello - where do you find this user profile file to do the change you are referring to. We would like to do this because our windows login ends up needing to be the same as the Baan user?? I see you avpatil are also on Windows is this true? I'm new to the Baan/Windows environment. For instance my user name should be first letter of my first name and my entire last name nzablocki instead our admin is saying it needs to be nzablock because 8 is our limit. So my windows login is cut short. I just don't see what they needs to be. Please enlighten me.

Nikki Z

avpatil 18th January 2007 02:57

user profile is under $BSE directory.

tnzabo 22nd January 2007 14:33

Is there a file for each user?

ashu2814 2nd June 2009 08:21

yes this file is for every user . but once u have modified the file and after that u do CRDD it will revert back

vineetu1 31st July 2009 12:34

that's ok but the longer name (i.e. > 12 chars) would not get stored in table ...

learner 21st April 2011 18:45

refer to ttaad2220m0000
Refer to ttaad2220m0000 in baan 5 c4. I think they added as part of Tools solution 200463 & 200463. I came across this session when we were upgrading from sp9 to sp19.


nmolinaa 21st July 2011 14:51

Actually there is a very old solution released to increase the lenght of usernames in Baan from 8 characters to 256 characters. Look it up in the KB. I don't remember it of the top of my head.
When you apply this solution it changes the domain for ttaad200.user allowing over 8 characters for usernames. Once you apply it there is no going back. It will change the structure of the $BSE/lib/user file into three other directories $BSE/lib/user/u $BSE/lib/user/c $BSE/lib/user/r (for remote users) and your ufiles will no longer be in $BSE/lib/user but $BSE/lib/user/u

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