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NPRao 15th May 2003 03:40

Check Table's Data Dictionary
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We have had many issues with the bdbreconfig and I guess we customize heavily. We have code migrations every weekend and a Table/Domain migrations every 2 weeks.

Among the major issues with the bdbreconfig is that the actual change did not happen on the tables in certain companies. And we used to use some fake changes on the table to trick (also posted on the board here) the create/convert runtime sessions to make it work.

The session Check Table - ttaad4232m000 gives us only a top view of the problems with the 506-tables do not exists, 512-corrupted DD, 2017-wrong database login/password etc.

Hence, we developed this tool which checks the BaaN and Oracle Data Dictionaries across all the company in all the databases and gives a report.

It will be nice if there are any verification tools in the standard tools to do this process for Oracle/Informix, DB2 etc.

OmeLuuk 15th May 2003 08:56

Maybe not relevant, but if you do a lot of inserts/deletes on ttadv500-505, ttaad400. Do you also reorganize these tables every once in a while? This to avoid RDD problems due to index problems on these tables...

NPRao 15th May 2003 09:08

Yes we do... and we have many cases with support for issues with the bdbreconfig. For more info, you might just search at the support site on the cases logged for Reger-5.2 Version. Its a lot improved/enhanced and stable for now, but we still face issues ocassionally, due to developers making the table/domain/index changes or with the binary itself. We are now so proactive that we take a hot backup of OS and database before code migrations and if anything fails we can restore the whole environment in few hours without badly exceeding our sunday downtime period. This has been one of our proactive monitoring tools. :p

sikima 15th May 2003 16:49

It could be a problem with shared memory and NT. I have had a similar problem and I have removed VRC devp from shared memory. Also, after that I have Create Runtime DD. If you want quick solution, you can remove specific table from shared memory.

OmeLuuk 16th May 2003 07:35

Our experience is that even when shared mem is cleared, sometimes still the old file comes up. This is (was our analysis) due to OS file caching. Also the OS cache seems not to refresh when a file is new on disk.

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