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Han Brinkman 24th August 2001 14:35

Restore informix database
I want to make a copy of an existing db on a separate system. The db is backup'd with ontape.

To my opinion the steps you have to take are:
- install informix software
- create db with same devices as on live server
- restore db

Test system contains less disks as production server however totally we have enough space.
The problem is that I have heard that you can't install more than 14 Gb on 1 disk with informix (2 Gb chunks with 7 devices on 1 disk makes 14Gb). Is this correct?

OS: Solaris 7, Informix 7.31.


Han Brinkman 24th August 2001 16:07

Heard from SUN that you need to have the volume manager installed if you want more than 7 partitions on 1 disk.

patvdv 25th August 2001 10:00

Big Cookies
I am surprised that Informix (still) does not support chunks >2GB. Would that also apply to cooked files? Maybe one disadvantage of raw devices vs cooked files.

muraty 27th August 2001 14:44

2 Gbyte chunk limit
there is no difference between cooked and raw.For all versions of informix there is a chunk limit of 2 Gbyte (it's not a limit of disk space however you may define 2047 chunks (2047*2 Gbyte) ).I think starting with Informix 9.3 the chunk size limit will be greater than 2 Gbytes...


amolpk 17th September 2005 11:04

Hello sir.
If u have less space and though the limit is of 2GB, Till you can restore the
data using filesystem,
i.e create files of size 2GB in mounted file system [Say arount 10GB]
i.e partition at o.s level is for 10GB, but files are of 2GB Size into it..
and use that file to restoration.. Only name should be same as like
live server..
It works..100%


Han Brinkman 19th September 2005 11:35

A reply ...
after 4 years. Whow.

gruvi_navy 24th February 2017 04:44

Hi All,

Anybody can help us? i have the same problem. Now im already restore the db (SQL Server) and i can login with application. But the problem now, only company 000 i can access. If i change the live company i cant access the application. The error is "Could not log you on the database". any suggest?

please advise.

Thank you

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