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Joy Conner 3rd May 2006 16:31

Printing Company Logo on Invoice
I need to develop the capability of printing a logo on invoices in lieu of using pre-printed forms. In fact it is a little more complicated. The report layout must recognize a condition and under condition "A", print logo-A and under condition "B", print logo-B.

I've seen the posted power point presentation which is posted on this site and read many postings on this subject.

Will someone please comment about the feasibility of managing 2 logos and the complexity of the development.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

csecgn 3rd May 2006 17:06

I think there are many ways to solve it.
Our way is as followes:
We are using HP printers with a RAM-Module. In this module different Logos are stored as macros. It needs some special ESC-Sequences (nothing complicate) to activate them and so print the logo. This code ist stored in a barcode-font

One Field in the report, print.condition says print or print not and you have the possibilty to say which logo has to be printed.

Example for the type-file (our logo has three parts, including the background for the formular)


if [ "$code" != "" ]
  echo "\033&fs30001 y3x1S \c"
  echo "\033&fs30000 y3x1S \c"
  echo "\033&fs10$code y3x1S \c"
  echo "\033&fs30000 y3x1S \c"

For creating the Macros we use Word and print a "designed" page to file. The prn-file contents all you need for the macro.



Joy Conner 3rd May 2006 17:31

This is an interesting approach
You have opted NOT to use a TrueType Font! I will see if our printers have this capability.

csecgn 3rd May 2006 17:37

We don't use bwprint, so we did it all in PCL. In my opinion on Unix the better way - but with windows not possible.
The same way works also for barcodeprinting with Fonts&More Modules.


~Vamsi 3rd May 2006 17:52


If you never print via jobs, the BWPrint solution using truetype fonts is easier to develop. The PCL method on the other hand can output much more complex documents than BWPrint can. As for the different logos, that is a piece of cake regardless which solution you choose.

Joy Conner 3rd May 2006 18:08

I am considering the BWPrint option but I am having some difficulty with the layout. Thinking about outsourcing this. I have a true type font and I have managed to put it in the layout. Problem is I'd like to print address information on the left side and the logo on the right side. The output prints one line of address information on the left, then it prints the logo. The logo leaves a large amount of white space on the left. The remaining address lines print on the left side below the line with the logo.

How can I control this?

Neal Matthews 3rd May 2006 19:53

Not a answer to this question but more of an opinion if I may.

In your circumstances of replacing pre printed forms it well may be worth going to the trouble of purchasing some external software to handle this sort of thing. Especially if you are considering going to the additional cost of outsourcing.

I suppose it depends if you would have any other uses for forms software. You would certainly get a more professional output.


~Vamsi 4th May 2006 00:08

You are already running into the limitations of BWPrint. BWPrint is a line based application. So the height of the line is the max height of biggest font on that line.

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