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Shekhar_baan 12th March 2006 09:24

Business process two ways for same item code
We are procuring one Aluminium Casting component from supplier andthat item type of that item is "Purchase" in item master.

Now our businesss process is two way :
1) We procure the as per existing procedure as mentioned above.

2)In addition to this now we procure raw material(aluminium Ingot) and send the same to that supplier to make the casting out of it. We have changed the item type now to "Manufactured" and now the business process is changed as the same item is purchased also and manufactured also.


1)Now as the item type in the item data is manufactured Every time when we have to send line rejection to the supplier we are not able to do so because it ask for RG1. than again we are changing the item type to purchase and sending the rejection=============These activity we would like to avoid please guide as our item code is same for purhcase as well as manufactured and the same is present in BOM as well.

2)As both the transaction of Purchase as well as Manufactured item type is on same item our finance is having problem that in tfgld4510m000 where the entries genrated for purchase item is 3 i.e maintain receipt , reversal of maintain receipt and entry of maintain approval now in this condition means for Purchase of manufactured item the entry genrated at the time of receipt for labour charge,machine cost and Material cost.

With this effect total 9 entry genrated for a single receipt 9 entries are generated but the value is correct as per our Purchase order .

Can any possible way to minimize these 9 entries.



rams141 13th March 2006 20:19

Did you try to maintain this item as "Purchase' item ?You can still maintain BOM and Productions orders for Purchase Item(ofcourse you need to define Item Production Data for the same).

We did this in one of the implementations some time back. I do not remember about what all transactions it generates in tfgld4510m000. But out finance people never complained and we didn't get any issues with that.

If you define this as a purchase item and define BOM for the same, you never need to change the Item Type again.

Best Regards,

avpatil 29th March 2006 05:44

I guess you can still make both item as purchased. When you send raw material to your supplier add a negative line and then when you receive finished product then, received finished goods. This process though require creating +ve and -ve lines. But transaction will flow in finance w/o any issue

Shekhar_baan 18th June 2006 09:07

Hi Patil
Hi Patil

The solution or work aroun provided by you is not fullfilling the requirement .

Can you please go in depth


C D Jagtap

savitr 21st June 2006 15:25

If yrs is BaaN 5, then go ahead as per suggestions by Ram
For BaaN IV, ask SSA to modify Process Excise Invoice functionality for Purchase Return & Rejection after approval, it should not ask for RG1 Balance if these are the origin. currently it is just checking item type in this session

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