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BaanAdmin 25th November 2005 11:22

User Login Problem on Win 2003 + Baan 4C4
I am testing baan c4 in windows2003.

i am not able to login to baan if the user from which i am login thru has not been given administrator rights. I would like to know the least authorization in windows2003 which can enable me to login to baan software.?

Error Description.
Error 1385 ( Logon Failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type.

Thanks In Advance

Nandan 25th November 2005 13:15

Is Baan server domain controller?
Is Baan server domain controller? I had faced similar situation is past with the baan server configured as domain controller.
You only need domain user permission/local user permission to connect to Baan.

Check if the user is able to login using at Windows console on server.

kathuria 13th October 2006 09:53

Not Able logine with normal users

I have O.S. Window 2003 standard edition domain controller. I have created users without administrators permissions. I have given permission of all SSA ERP LN 6.1 related folders to users. But not able loging on to the LN server unless until I am not making member of Administrators group. It's urgent.

Sanjay Kathuria

EdHubbard 13th October 2006 12:57

If it's like NT & Win 2000 Server, the problem would probably be that you need to give the users (or group they are in) the right to "log on locally".

kathuria 13th October 2006 13:39

Using Server 2003

But I am Using Windows Server 2003 . Please suggest me . What I have to do ?

Sanjay Kathuria

EdHubbard 13th October 2006 14:27

I would suggest creating a group called "Baanusers".
Give that group the right to log on locally.

according to google groups "add the user or group of users to the "Allow log on
locally" user right at the Default Domain Controller Policy instead of the
Default Domain Policy. "

onceuponatime 17th October 2006 09:04

You may need to give administrative rights to the users on the server, no matter which domain/policy is used, I suppose

kathuria 30th October 2006 13:12

Not Able to find Log On Locally

I am not able find any option like Log on Locally with Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition.

Sanjay Kathuria

sukesh75 4th February 2007 12:18

Is there a performance issue when having a Baan Server double up as a domain controller. Considering that all the problems related to login issues mentioned above are solved, are there any other concerns or problems with such an installation or setup?

Is Baan 4c4 on Win 2k3 (Domain Controller)a valid option?

Hope to hear from you all..


kathuria 5th February 2007 07:00

Problem Solution

I have solved this problem for domain controllere as well as non domain controller.

For that Iam giving steps in sequence to solve this problem for domain controller as well as non domain controller.

Domain Controller.
Step 1. GOTo Control Start->Control Panel->Administrator Tool->Domain Controller Secuirty Policies ->Local Policies ->Users Right Assignment

Right side of Users Right Assignment will be number of options.

Double click on Access this computer from network and add users group into this.

same sequnce you have to repeat for Bypass Traverse Checking & Allow Log on locally .

give permission of $BSE folder and database binaries folder to users group .

Non Domain Controller.
Give permission of $BSE folder and database binaries folder to users group .

Sanjay Kathuria

sukesh75 5th February 2007 07:58

Thanks Sanjay!!
Could you please ellaborate on one of the above mentioned steps
"give permission of $BSE folder and database binaries folder to users group"..
What sort of permissions are we talking about? "Read" i presume? Last but not least, what do you mean by "database binaries folder"?


steventay 26th July 2007 11:28


i will be migrate the Baan4 from NT to Windows 2003, is it possible?

can i use just Windows 2003 Standard Server?

please help.

thank you.

sukesh75 28th July 2007 11:32

Yes its possible to use Windows 2003 Standard Edition for Baan4 when migrating from Windows NT. Just like how i mentioned in my replies to your other posts on the same subject, get the proper porting set and baan4 media cds..Before you ask which porting set, please see my other replies..


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