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drifter 31st October 2003 17:41

Display reports and debuger slow?!?
Hi all

I wonder if the debuger or better say moving with cursor with arrows and pageup pagedown can be faster. By faster I don't mean the speed it moves the cursor but to be consistent. Sometimes I press down arrow and cursor reacts immediately and goes down until I release the down arrow key but sometimes it stays there and I have to guess how log to press the arrow down key since the when it starts sometimes I just miss the spot I wanted to go to. Same with reports displayed on screen. Any remedy for this? Also I must say that cases when cursos exactly responds to arrow key presses is very very rare.

Thanks for advice.


OmeLuuk 4th November 2003 11:07

Cursor movement in ttstpdisplay and debugger is a matter of feeding extra commands to a bshell that might be very busy doing all kind of things already on a occupied system (other user processes). The cursor movement does not get a high priority.

Use pagedown / pageup to be somewhat quicker, then you do not need to rebuild the display with every new feeded line, but in page mode.

In the debugger you can jump to lines with v 100 (view line 100), in the display you can jump to specific pages (G for GotTo) or to the end (B for bottom) or read the tail of a building file with R.

drifter 4th November 2003 16:13

thanks :)

I this it will help a bit definetly.


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