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benito 13th August 2002 18:41

Baan and Great Plains

Has anybody here worked on both ERP systems? I'm interested to know what's your impression on both.

Sounds like Microsoft Great Plains has Finance, Distribution but I'm not sure about the Manufacturing side especially MRP.

From what I heared they're using database logic (SQL 7 or 2000) ie Stored Procedure and triggers on most applications and VB on front-end. What do you think of their architecture? Do they have the so called data dictionary?

I'm a little wary about programming in Transact-SQL too, looks limited. Anybody has take on this?

anthony_wang 14th August 2002 17:10

How Microsoft have navision - so Manufacturing is also ready...
but i have learned a bit about Navision Atten - a low end package. it seems not so good...

benito 14th August 2002 18:54

Thanks for the info on Navision Attain. Looks like Microsoft just recently acquired this Danish company. I bet they still have a lot to work on their manufacturing side.

I read a couple of weeks back that Great Plains will be packaged along with other ERP add-ons into a product called Jupiter.

What I like about the VB front-end is the tree structure of BOM. I'm almost sure that somebody posted here before that Baan can do it too with a little coding trick.

Ravenscross 11th September 2002 13:22

Navision View
Having just moved into the Navision market and having to sit the exams to become a consultant, I have noticed a few differences between the two and also some similarities. As I wonder about the system I find that, as with SAP, there are some nice features in the product and some not so nice.

However, it all comes down to choice and the old adage about you always love the first one does come down to it. After all, how many times on this site have suggestions been made about changes to the Baan product because of features seen on other products, but like all things, you like what you know.

Navision is the prefect 'other' solutions for small companies that have become disillusioned with Baan over the last few years. Those with customisations that would be expensive and time consuming to move to another Baan product could find that Navision allows them to move easier and quicker, but this does not mean its the perfect solution... Lets face it nothing ever is.

If I was running a business and had to chose from the large selection of ERP software out there, it does not come down to what the software can do, they are all the same, but its like chosing a word processor, which has largest customer base and therefore will last longer in the market place, which has suitable support and third party interest, which is easier for my people to use and also be trained in..... Wherever it does finance on one form or another now longer matters... Business has defined those processes and they are all the same in the vanilla solution, its the afterwards that matters, that 5 years of depreciation, that support, that user base... As long as Baan keeps its user base as is, it should have many years left in it, but without a change of business practise and a more open approach to listen to user like this forum, the other small companies like Navision will catch up and eventually overtake in the userbase.

baaner 11th September 2002 18:07

More about Navision
Actually Navision, recently bought by Microsoft, have 2 products right now... Attain and Axapta (former Daamgard Axapta). And it also looks like Microsoft is planning to focus on both Great Plains and Axapta, while attain will be the loser in this merge.

The thing with axapta is that it doesn´t have as much functionality as a "big" ERP, but the development tools are really powerful (MorphX, a really cool IDE) the integration with microsoft tools (axapta only runs on W2K and mostly on MSSQL), total integration with applications like excel... Right now is a tough player on the midmarket, at least in europe, and I think Microsoft wants it to stay that way...

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