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patvdv 3rd December 2007 21:59

NEW Sponsor: Infor
Hi all,

I am very excited to announce that Infor has decided to support our popular site. They will be supporting multiple forums for the next 6 months, including:
  • About
  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain
  • Tools Development
  • Baan SIGs
They will also feature a listing on the Sponsor page.

I think this is a very important and positive signal from Infor to the Baan community as a whole.

About Infor
Infor is a different kind of software company. We provide business solutions to enterprising firms who want the best of both worlds: solutions as business-specific as those offered by smaller providers, backed by a company with the financial stability and global scale of the market’s enterprise software giants. This combination simply was not available until now. Filling the void was the reason Infor was founded, and our strategy is working. Last fiscal year 1,000 new customers chose Infor over our competitors.

We deliver what the large, one-size-fits-all enterprise software providers cannot—business-specific solutions with industry experience built in, low total cost of ownership and a return on investment our customers don’t have to wait for.

Markus Schmitz 4th December 2007 12:41

Hi Pat,

this is in deed great news. It shows for me at least partially a diversion from the old SSA/BAAN path, where they were focusing on big partners only. This way they are showing some appreciation for all the individuals (a lot of them freelancers and small consulting companies) making this board rock.

Thanks Infor!


patvdv 4th December 2007 13:16

Hi Markus,

I agree. I can honestly say that I am getting a much more positive and constructive feedback from Infor than I ever did from SSA/Invensys or Baan Company. Baan users/consultants can only benefit from that IMHO.

ulrich.fuchs 10th December 2007 14:01

I do agree also. Good news. Let's hope Infor will continue on a path embracing the community of freelance professionals and small companies in the field instead of trying to keep them out of business. All of us really like the software (otherwise we would have left that market already), we know it (otherwise we would have left that market already), we help to win some projects, we help to realize a lot of projects. If Infor now starts to understand that losing that little bit of turnover to freelancers is negligible compared with the advertising, project success and - in the long run - market share and turnover they gain, that's good news for us, good news for the customers, and good news for Infor. So: thanks to the people within Infor who initiated that paradigm shift.

baan98 12th December 2007 12:28

I request Infor to conduct workshop training to all the BaaN users.this will help their business. inthe sense of upgrading the products and adopt new product of infor viz.Supply chain,EAM.... with existing ERP.

Good luck...

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