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abhivyakti 21st December 2002 12:27

black Hole!!!
Hi Webmasters,

Can you pl. tell me why I found this black hole on all my posts.


patvdv 21st December 2002 12:57

What exactly do you mean by 'black hole'? :confused:

abhivyakti 21st December 2002 13:44

on new posts iocn. You can see even on this post also.


~Vamsi 21st December 2002 20:18


There are no blackholes on my screen. How about a picture to illustrate.

victor_cleto 21st December 2002 21:19

letter symbol
Maybe is that letter symbol with a "black hole" on it?!

morpheus 26th December 2002 10:37

Although I can not help, but Abhi, take a screen dump & attach it in your next post.

lbencic 26th December 2002 18:26

I think he is just seeing the black dot on the post listings - that indicates that you have posted to that thread.

arunkw 1st March 2003 22:04

Black Holes ...ha ha ha ....
Hey Guys ...
you are not good observers I think....

This thread is a classic example of mis-communication
"Black Hole":
When ever there is a smilie icons on the posts and
if the pages gets loaded with text where the icons are still loading (or sholuld i say being painted out one the page)
"black cut out" of thse icons appears (black color is nothing but backgroung color of the page or of image)
This effect my friend is termed as "Black Holes"

"Black Holes" Effect might come into play when ever their is a window resizing, or page layouts realigns the text while wrapping.

I can't tell you how embarrassed and stupid I am feeling while replying to this post.

Ha ha ha ......

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