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naga ch 7th July 2016 14:58

how to dump FP3 data from ln 10.4 company??
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Hi all,
is it possible to dump FP3 company data from LN 10.4 company??
while i am trying to importing in LN 10.4 company i am getting the following error?
Please find the below attachment for further reference and help me how to resolve this


bhushanchanda 7th July 2016 16:27


I believe this is due to High Ascii data present in the source version. You need to avoid using High-ASCII data with 10.4 as LNUI is XML based and won't be handling it. Another way is to try using high_ascii_tolerence=1

The reason is moving data from non-unicode to unicode environment.

Also refer this link

But again, it will be problematic if you use HIGH ASCII characters with 10.4 unless Infor releases their latest version of LNUI where I guess it will be fixed. (LN UI 11.3.1)

Also, have a look at this standard document for Infor Enterprise Server Unicode Migration Guide(U8887)

naga ch 8th July 2016 15:32

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Hi bhushanchanda,
Thank you for the reply. i tried by changing high_ascii_tolerence=1 but still i am getting the same issue error while running bdbpost.but some of the tables are imported, i checked some of the sessions it has some data but when am opening sale orders and purchase orders i am getting the following issue.

Please help me how to resolve this?


bhushanchanda 8th July 2016 17:06


This looks like a functional issue and not technical. You need to define a default number group in Sales Order Parameters(tdsls0500m400).

Ajesh 10th July 2016 10:54

The data import obviously has not gone properly. Hence the Error....

Whats the bdbpost and bdbpre command which you gave?

From what i can gather, you have created the dumps on a system with High ASCII Character Tolerance enabled and you are trying to import it in a system which does not tolerate it..

So try creating the dump with High ASCII Character Tolerance = 0 and then try to import it.

NPRao 15th July 2016 18:30

Also refer to -


Infor Enterprise Server Technical Guide for Unicode Conversion
Publication Information
Release: 10.4
Publication Date: December 9, 2014
Document Code: U8887H US

Infor Enterprise Server
Administration Guide
Document code U8854O US
Release 10.4
Publication date December 12, 2014

Page 73
High Ascii Tolerance
The following only applies to LN environments that do not run in Unicode mode. You must set the high_ascii_tolerance resource to 0 in the following situations:
▪ If your LN environment is a production environment and you plan to convert the environment to Unicode.
▪ If your LN environment is a development environment and you plan to deliver software components or translations. If high_ascii_tolerance is not set to 0, problems will occur when the delivered components are imported in Unicode environments. To set high_ascii_tolerance to 0, add the following line in the $BSE/lib/defaults/all file:

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