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mila04792 18th February 2005 12:03

Change Payment Date After Wrongly Key-In In Maintain Payment Advice.
Hi Everyone,
Can anyone tell me how to change the payment date in a payment advice?


After Maintain Payment Advice, when we want to process the payment,
it's prompting "error message negative" and showing two groups of suppliers.

When I check, I noticed the similarily between the two suppliers are the payment date is "wrongly-key in" compared to others.

Can I still change the payment date or delete the two payment from the payment advice and proceed?

Thank you in advance.

Renegade 21st February 2005 04:50

If payment postings has not been made for the invoices concerned (check Open entries), you can simply create another Payment advice manually and make the payment.

Poowanai 21st February 2005 09:00

Can to change the payment date
On this case you can to change the payment date in payment divice because the payment not yet to post anything. after you change will to post again.

mila04792 21st February 2005 11:51

Thanks guys.
Hi Renegade and Poowonai,

Thanks alot.

I deleted the document from the batch and finalized the batch successfully.
And then I put the document with corrected date into another batch.

I think its ok already.

Before that I tried to user the otfcor0302 program but it never changed the date in the compose payment table (tdcmg109).

Can anyone explain to me what is this otfcor0302 program and how t use it?

Thank you again guys. Have a nice day.


Renegade 21st February 2005 18:32

Change Document Date (tfcor0302)
Nice to know that your issue got resolved.

Baan Support site says it is for changing dates in document, not only for single document, but for range as well.

Honestly, I have never used this correction Program before.

Renegade 21st February 2005 18:35

i will see script
I will look into the program script to know what it really does and post my findings here tomorrow.

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