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naga ch 8th June 2017 14:00

bdbreconfig failed (error 512)
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Hi all,
After installation of tools solutions when i am trying to run the session ttadv5213m000 (create runtime data dictionary for infor ln server) by checking the check box Also dump data definitions ,i am getting the bdbreconfig failed error 512 while unchecking the checkbox i am not getting any error .
Can anyone please help us how to resolve this issue.
Please find the attachment for your reference.

Ajesh 8th June 2017 16:41

What was the Post Installation Instructions given?

Error 512 means the Data Definition at Application level and at the DB level differs... You can do Convert to runtime for the given package Combination, which is giving error and try again.

Else do Create Runtime for the given Package Combination once again.

Theorotically i never understood why Reconfig should give 512 Error. It is supposed to Dump Old Definition and create table according to new Defintion and reload data into it again..Why shoould it bother if Both version varies? They are supposed to be different..

Brendan Shine 8th June 2017 22:24

The reason why is because bdbreconfig determines what method it will use when reconfiguring. In some cases that method is save off data, drop table, create table, load data (a long time ago it used to always be this method). Other cases that method is to issue DBMS ALTER table command (this is much quicker for large tables). In either case the assumption would be that the starting point is that the runtime data definition matches the current table describe in DBMS. If that assumption is wrong, a 512 error could be reported as well.

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