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Neal Matthews 6th October 2003 18:21

Inbound ASN - Type of Number Series ?

Attempting to set up an inbound ASN via EDI and have managed to create one record in tdpsc040 during testing. However the advice number assigned is 0 and when trying to reprocess further EDI I get the message ASN number 0 already exists.

I'm pretty sure that the problem lies within the session "Maintain EDI Mesages Supported by Relation" and in particular the setting Type of Number and subsequent series.

Can somebody please advise me to which "Type of Number" I should be using for an inbound ASN.

Neal Matthews
Intier Automotive - IT Support Analyst

blueboy 18th March 2004 15:00

did you fix it?
Hi Neal,

I am currently experiencing the same problem. Did you manage to get around this?:mad:

This EDI stuff is driving me mental!


Neal Matthews 29th March 2004 11:56

Hello Denys,

Sorry for the delay only got back today.

No unfortunately we never sorted this out. The problem appeared to be related to the fact that we were using the extension sch0. According to Baan the inbound EDI message is only supported from sch1 upwards.

We are still discussing this along the grounds that the Maintain Receipts session in sch0 asks the user whether they want to use an ASN but the EDI session doesn't work and puts it into series 0.

Just as a matter of interest are you using an extension ?


ltannous 30th March 2004 05:21

Type of Number
This should be receipt. Where are you seeing this 0? Is this a receipt against a purchase schedule?

Neal Matthews 2nd April 2004 11:14


EDI session for inbound asn populates tables tdpsc040 and 41. I can get this to work first time but as the series is not being picked up correctly it allocates an advice note number of 0 in the table.

Therefore when I run the session again I get an error as asn number 0 can not be generated again.

I have set the number type to a receipt series with no effect.


ltannous 3rd April 2004 07:42

Did you check the parameters
I believe there is a receipt/purchase order series setup in the purchase perameters.

Neal Matthews 7th April 2004 17:22

Cannot find anything in the PUR parameters relating to this.

There is a receipt series in the PSC parameters but this is set and relates to the series for Purchase Orders generated by the receipt. I think the ASN is another series.


ltannous 8th April 2004 05:29

Self gerenated number (internal ASN Number)
This number starts at 1 and increments. When you receive a new asn (not using the same supplier/shipping doucment) this number should increment by 1. This is not a first free number that needs to be maintained. Have you tried to manually enter a couple of ASN's in this session

Neal Matthews 8th April 2004 10:26

Thanks I think I'm finally making some progress.

Entered ASN's manually via tdpsc0140m000 and received them succesfully.

During the receiving process I was also asked if I wanted to process the financial transactions. I'm not entirely sure what this means so this needs further investigation.

I will now amend my ASN message accordingly and see if I can process it.


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