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sujeetkumar 15th May 2014 09:17

DAL will be permanently Active Mode on ttaad4100
Hi All,

Basically we activate DAL using ttaad4100. But what I needed that a particular table will be always open in DAL active Mode.

Because when we activate the DAL using GTM(ttaad4100) after logged out it goes in DAL is not Active mode.

Is there any session where we maintain that a particular table will be always in active mode.

Baiscally when we write UE for tfcmg101, user exist is not invoked because of the default mode of DAL is not active.

Pleas help me out.

bhushanchanda 15th May 2014 10:43


I remember a post from Zardoz mentioning how to activate/deactivate a DAL in script.

You can try it.


rochus 15th May 2014 11:51

if there is a DAL for this table, than this DAL is always active ...
-you decativate the dal for ttaad4100
-you can deactivate it for a particular program

User exit is only triggered if a DAL is there. From ES 10.3.1 it is
also possible to have an UE for a table without a DAL.

zardoz 7th October 2014 20:10

In FP7 (I dont know in previous versions) you can deactivate the dal [with the function disable.dal() or using ttaad4100 with dal deactivated] but if there is an user exit there is no way to deactivate it; even using db.* functions, the user exit is always executed.

bhushanchanda 7th October 2014 21:14

But I guess you can ignore UE content for a particular session using
get.var (pid, "$", sessname)

Which will be similar to disabling it.

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