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raikar_raviraj 16th January 2012 07:25

Session Filter Issue in ERPLN

In session Service Contracts (tsctm3100m000) we have added 3 additional fields on Overview Session. These additional fields on overview session are newly added field in table definition of Service Contract (tsctm300).

My Problem is when i go to View -> Filter -> New in session tsctm3100m000 the filter session ttadv9593m000 session opens. Here when i create a filter, i am not able to find these additional fields in the "Field Name" field drop down. What i understand is the Field Name contains drop down list of all fields from the table definition.

Please help in fixing the same.


Raviraj Raikar

ipineda 17th January 2012 19:37

The field's help says this

"You can only select fields that are displayed in the overview session and the details session. For technical reasons, some fields displayed in these sessions may not be available in the pull-down list.
If a field in the pull-down list does not belong to the session's main table, the table name is displayed between brackets."

So the help doesn't explain what really happens.

raikar_raviraj 19th January 2012 13:31

Its Strange
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It's Strange, the above logic seems to be true to some case and not for others. I have this session tsctm3100m000, with Main Table – tsctm300,
Non Main Table – tsctm005 – No Problem (Appearing in the Filter field list in bracket)
Non Main Table – tyctm300 – Problem (Not Appearing in the Filter field list)

Both the above fields are part of Overview and detail session but one field is appearing in filter field list and one is not.

Wonder why? I have attached the properties of both field for reference, may be i have missed on something.

Thanks in advance.

v_kewl 19th January 2012 14:03

Hi Raikar,

tsctm300.ctpc have ref. to table tsctm005. This might be the reason of appearing tsctm005.desc in the filter option.


ipineda 19th January 2012 15:56

Due the session ttadv9530m000 is a tools one, I suggest put an incident with Infor because only they can tell you exactly what happen within the session anything else is just guest what is happening.

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