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steveauckly 2nd June 2004 21:35

Invoking Cordys method from WCP in Baan
Has anyone had any experience sending a Cordys SOAP request from within Baan code to the WCP Gateway? I'm doing it exactly like their documentation says to but get the message "Couldnt invoke the method in JVM."

EdwinvdBorg 3rd June 2004 10:53

Hi Steve,

It would be helpfull to know what version of Cordys you are using?
Do you use BCP 4.1 or perhaps one of the Cordys WCP versions?
Also whether the Cordys Business Application Connector for BAAN is being used as well.



steveauckly 3rd June 2004 14:05

We are using BAC 1.4 and WCP 1.5

gsbaan 2nd July 2004 14:12

classpath problem
IT's because of classpath problem. CBACServer.jar which comes with Cordys BAC - for Baan is not in the classpath. Set this to classpath. Everything will go right.


Cordys 2nd July 2004 15:39

Not supported
Heard that Cordys is using illegal non supported interfaces towards Baan. So, why should I buy this stuff ? :confused:

gsbaan 2nd July 2004 15:43

It uses only the features which Baan exposes. It doesnt use any illegal interface as far as my knowledge goes. So start using it instead of getting confused :-) :)

W Rijsemus 13th July 2004 15:11

Fear comes from the unknown
Hello "Cordys"

I invite you to come and see our product. Then you can judge. We are ready to take comments anytime as we do with all participants.

hdruiter 22nd July 2004 10:02

Hey "Cordÿs"

Who are you, why not your own name? be fair.

gsbaan 22nd July 2004 11:47

Classpath problem
Hi, It should be classpath problem. set the classpath to cbacserver.jar and also other to bjvmi.jar as described in the document.

Cordys 22nd July 2004 22:07


Originally Posted by hdruiter
Hey "Cordÿs"

Who are you, why not your own name? be fair.

Hey hdruiter,
:cool: I took this name because my normal name was already in use. Normally I only watch and read the discussions, but now I wanted to react as I see big risks for customers. Let me explain.

I work for a big consulting group and evaluated Cordys and OpenWorldX. My customer wanted to have a deep and native integration and the only ones that have that is Baan/SSA. They can change, enhance, build interfaces to make their product better. Integrating from the outside is painfull and complex. In most case you hit private interfaces which can change without any notice of the software vendor. My customer found that a big risk, and they started to implement OpenWorldX (they are up and running right now).

Using a tools like Cordys brings these kind of risks also, because Cordys is not a certified or known Baan partner like for example Crystal reports (BO). Baan did a joint development together with Crystal to build the integration. In that case the integration product is supported. They also integrate deeply into the product.

I am also not interested in the invitation as I saw already demo's and worked with a trial version (or was it a job offer?). As I have a deep technical knowledge about interfacing to Baan, I checked the Cordys to Baan integration and was not very impressed by the way of integration. Even worse, I think that some of the interfaces that are used are outdated and work only with old portingsets. They are also not documented in the public developer manuals but only in the internal developer manuals (yes!, I am lucky and have got the internal developers manual, but I program only with the public interfaces). So, when you do not use public interfaces you will run into big big trouble. That was also the conclusion of my customer.


gsbaan 23rd July 2004 07:22

Pls be more specific
Hi Steve,
Could you tell what kind of illegal interfaces that are used in Cordys? It will be nice if you are more specific while quoting something. Also let me know what you mean by old porting set(i mean in numbers) and what u mean by new porting set?


jeremyjohnson65 23rd July 2004 11:49

is this really true?
Hi steve,

is this really true? I was engaging a customer yesterday (staying a couple of months in EMEA) and they were interested in Cordys, but if this type of integration will not be supported I need be fair to the customer and maybe redirect them to OpenWorldX.

will wait for your answer!

EdwinvdBorg 23rd July 2004 13:29

This discussion is becoming very confusing and is still useless
Hi Steve and others,

I am totally not technical and have been following your discussions with high interest.
However, the last posts by Steve and Jeremy are confusing to me.

Of course SSA Global will only support OpenWorldX and no other interfaces with BAAN. This is in their best interest.
But in the world of today and certainly in that of the tomorrow nobody is waiting for a solution that can be interfaced with only one product.
I was always under the impression that the whole purpose of stuff like XML and SOAP was to expose proprietary systems like BAAN so that you can interface to other systems as well. It should therefore not matter what platform (Cordys BCP, OWX, BizTalk, etc.) is sitting in the middle.

As mentioned in an earlier post I have to repeat again that in fact this entire discussion is useless.
In the end the market will decide what solution/concept will be the winner and what solutions/concepts will be the losers.
One thing I do know is that if SSA is not going to further enhance the exposure of the BAAN software (IV, V and VI Gemini) so that others can interface with BAAN as well they will shoot themselves in the foot.
Customers will recognize that and simply walk away from BAAN and its single door to the scary outside world, OpenWorldX.

I have never understood that BAAN mentality of protecting their ideas, products and vision. The world outside of BAAN is so much bigger and the forces out there are so much stronger. One has to listen to the market and cannot afford to create this self-fullfilling prophecy among employees and supporters. One only has to analyze what happened to the way BAAN VI Gemini was designed and developed initially to understand how BAAN is putting their products and solutions in the market place: a major gap between what the market needs and what the vendor assumes the market needs.
That is the underlying reason why BAAN, and OpenWorldX potentially, failed and that is why I am so concerned customers will never hear about things like this.

Again, I am just a non-technical observer but to me this whole discussion is futile so please do not shoot the messenger.
My two cents is that in the end Microsoft will come up with a single standard that supports both .NET and JAVA and their integration tools will dominate the market. Just like Lance Armstrong dominates the Tour de Lance and the US dominates the political and military agenda in the world. It is all about control. Whether we like it or not.



Cordys 24th July 2004 18:20


Originally Posted by jeremyjohnson65
Hi steve,

is this really true? I was engaging a customer yesterday (staying a couple of months in EMEA) and they were interested in Cordys, but if this type of integration will not be supported I need be fair to the customer and maybe redirect them to OpenWorldX.

will wait for your answer!

Hi Jeremy,

I will leave you a PM with my observations.


jeremyjohnson65 26th July 2004 10:56

Hi Edwin,

so if M$ is going to rule the world as you were saying, why should I buy Cordys? M$ has so much R&D power that even if Cordys has some advantages, they will overtake them. The new visual studio (whidbey) is really much further than Cordys.

So ERP + OWX Connector for .NET and M$ tools would be then the solution?

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