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VishalMistry 9th December 2016 15:06

Setting query.extention of any standard session
Hello everyone,

I want to set query.extention of standard session (say tiitm0101m000). So that, when the session is started, it will filter and display records based on query.extension.

How can I do it ?


mark_h 9th December 2016 18:18

Do you own source code? If you do all you have to do is in the before.program section add the query.extension code. Below is sample code we have in one session - when you zoom from the tiudi session it creates a filter on the session. If you do not have source code then you need to look at a source extender option.


        if$ = "tiudi4102m000" then
                query.extension = "tirou001.cwoc <> " & chr$(34) & "ZZZ" & chr$(34) & " and tirou001.kowc <> 3"

VishalMistry 12th December 2016 09:04

HI mark,

We do not own source code. Any other way around ?


sachinbaan 12th December 2016 10:44

You can give try to "Before.zoom"
tiitm001.kitm = tckitm.manufacture

You can create one session with main table tiitm001, there you can give query.extension.

mark_h 12th December 2016 13:34

Depending on what you are doing like sachinbaan recommends. Create your own session. You can use the forms from tiitm0101m000, just give it your own name. Of course this would work best for display only. Otherwise look at ~vamsi's source code extender in the code and utilities session.

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