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bhushanchanda 23rd June 2013 09:25

3GL/4GL Script for USER TRACKING! (Windows Version)
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The idea came from NPRao's this Thread!. The difference is that, this is not a bat file and can be used by any user and it is for Windows Platform. A special thanks to Vamsi again for his support.

I have developed a utility, that uses a 3GL/4GL script to track the session which a user has currently opened.

Requirements(On Server):-

1. Windows Operating System
2. A bat file
3. A text file
4. A Scheduled task on server to run the bat file with administrator privileges.
The process:-

Place the bat file and text file in a folder (in my case "new") and share the folder across the network. Create a new folder ("new1" in my case) which will store the output files.


A.The program reads a text file and adds username to it and creates a bat file.
B. This bat file is executed by using a scheduled task which is invoked using a second bat file (already present).
C. The step B produces a text file which gives the PID of user. This PID is called by a function to get the list of session accessed by user.
You can either use it as a 3GL script to track a single user or you can make a print session which will call a 3GL script with user name as parameter.

Attaching the zip file with the contents. (Kindly rename the task.txt to task.bat after downloading)

Any questions, comments or suggestions are welcomed. :)


Users should have full permission for folder C:\Windows\System32\tasks.

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