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albertsmid 18th May 2017 16:56

Automatic Refresh
I am in the process of developing a display session with automatic refresh every 5 minutes for an order delivery system.
In the current logic developed the user does not have any access to this session, when the session is activated it will continue to run. The user cannot even close the session. Which is initially okay but the user needs to logoff at the end of the day and this would also not be possible.

Could activate the session via another named user but than I have to kill the bshell before the cold backup takes place once per week.
Is there another solution for this?

bhushanchanda 18th May 2017 18:07


Can you post a code snippet of the logic you have written to refresh the session. I don't see a reason it should block the session.

You can use set.timer() function or a progress indicator. Refer this

bhushanchanda 19th May 2017 11:08

Perhaps, I can see, that your problem was resolved here.

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