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benito 11th February 2017 04:09

search sales invoices without sales orders
what is the best way to do this? i thought i would start from tfacr200, then compare the invoice number with tdsls041 or 051? I am not getting good results. any suggestion?
i am on IVc2. thanks.

benito 11th February 2017 04:41

follow up question. how about for purchase orders? i thought that would be from pur046 (purchase invoices)?

bhushanchanda 11th February 2017 07:59

Hi Benito,

Is there a concept of Manual Sales Invoices in your version? On LN, there is a table for manual sales invoices where the invoice is booked without the sales order.

Also, the purchase invoices should be present in tfacp200 if that table exists.

benito 11th February 2017 16:31

Hi bushan, thank you. They do have a concept of manual invoicing and it's not as obvious as LN because you just insert a record in Finance (as with other transactions) (***baanIVc experts correct me if i'm wrong). so i guess i have to query acr200 - invoices in tdsls045. this could result in records in tfacr400?? or maybe i should assume that all records in tfacr400 have no sales orders?

avpatil 27th February 2017 18:02

Look for invoice number in tdsls045.You can use tfacr200 and if the invoice is not in tdsls045, then these are without sales order.

avpatil 27th February 2017 18:05

For Purchase order also you can use tfacp200 and compare with tdpur046. But these shall only for invoices that are matched. Also in tfacp200 there is a flag matched with order also present.

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