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jeffersyuan 1st December 2014 07:46

How to use BOD function?
Hi, All,

I am confusing about the BOD functions, is it necessary to bind it together with the ION platform?

I have no idea about the ION platform, is there any document about what's the propose of ION and what function can ION achieved?



ARijke 1st December 2014 08:15


Yes BODs and ION belong together. ION in the standard integration platform between Infor products and is also open for third party application integration.
Secondly, ION has alerting and workflow capabilities. These can be used on top of LN processes.
More information can be found in KB 1026816.

Regards, Adriaan

bhushanchanda 1st December 2014 12:54

Moved thread to ION Forum.

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