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lncust 6th June 2018 15:21

Document Output Management Help
Hi guys,

I would request you to help me with the new functionality DOM(Document output management). I have read about it and wish to implement this in my organisation in order to modify a report and add a signature on the final report.
I have tried reading the document released by infor but it seems to be beyond me. :D

Thanks in advance!


mark_h 6th June 2018 15:40

Moving this to the tools forum to see if it gets hits here first. The code and utilities forum is for sharing code you have developed. Sorry but I am on 4c4 and no knowledge of DOM.

lncust 6th June 2018 22:07


More specifically, I'm unable to locate the predefined document types "", as mentioned in the release note, in the Additional Files (ttadv2570m000) session.
Has it got something to do with my version of tools? because last time I checked my tools version was 10.4.x.
Is it necessary that my tools version should be 10.5.x?

Nayan Sharma

DStroud 6th June 2018 22:49

The DOM Templates are only available in LN 10.5.

pramod 14th September 2018 05:51

Just follow the steps in chapter 3 of Infor LN document output management user guide. Then if you are stuck anywhere or have any specific questions post here.

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