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vktonk 5th May 2008 13:18

How to create customer recurring sales invoice
We' re using single finance single logistic company set up.
Our company is into Leasing business.
Each customer is having a year rent to be paid.
I want single year rent invoice to be broke down into equal installments based upon the payment terms.
Is there any method in baan by which the recurring transactions can be created against customer controlled account?

alex.bonutti 7th June 2017 10:12

which type of order are you using to create rental orders? My problem is how to manage the revenues via cost items, and the logistic transactions of the rented items which will not change property.

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jojovalenton 13th July 2017 07:38

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i attached help text from fp7, maybe this may guide you on how you will do this in your baan. from this session you will just select an existing finalized sales invoice from same customer that you need to setup recurring sales then from specific ran the generate recurring transactions instructions to setup your monthly instructions, this will basically get same settings from existing invoice then you can ran generate recurring sales invoice any period each time or one time ran depends on your period status and trans type last batch number.

hope this will help you,

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