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9844don 1st February 2002 22:27

Triton -printing bar codes
Got just barest of information from a consulting company who has a potential client currently printing one type of bar code for shipments from Triton. The manufacturing company lost the technical person who supported the bar code and printing process. The manufacturing company now has requests from new customers to print their type of bar codes on shipments but does not know how or what to do.

Does anybody know whether there was or is a bar coding bolt on program for use with Triton ? Or would have it been accomplished through a customization spec of some type that would print the bar coded information in the correct format.

Adastra 7th February 2002 01:44

Depending on printer you have two methods - either you have a printer that support barcodes (as any other font) or you have a label printer.

In printinfo-files under Baan lib you could specify userfonts, by adding escape-sequences in the specific printer-file. If you look into the printer-file definitions you will see defintion for boxes, font-changes etc.

Add a user-font to your printinfo-file - a little tricky but managable. In your report you will call for your "user"-font and you will have your barcode.

If you have a label-printer, then you create a script that will be called as part of printing. It is defined in the device-definition. Think I used the ASCII-format. In the device-defintion you enter ASCII/script_File_name. You have to check format for type of output and how to call a unix-script. Anyway - in the script you can use an ordinary "lp-command" to print the file to your label-printer.


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