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kysersoze12 30th March 2007 13:01

AFS enhancement
AFS functionality must be enhanced .

Right now there is no way to zoom through field in AFS .

Would like to know if it is possible somehow ??

george7a 30th March 2007 13:16


Can you please explain why do you need to zoom through fields using AFS? What is your final goal?

- George

kysersoze12 30th March 2007 15:29

Lack of this feature leads to limitation of usage of AFS .
I will give you an example
For tdsls4102s000(Maintain sales lines) our localization session is tdind0271s000 .This session is zoomed only from the price field of sales order line .This session can not be executed from special section or independently .tdind0271s000 imports values from tdsls4102s000 in its zoom.from.field section .Also order number and position are display fields in localization session. There is no way to execute this session using AFS as
I can never execute zoom.from.field section using AFS or independently.

This was just an example I have faced similar problem many times.

mark_h 30th March 2007 15:36

I agree this is something Baan should resolve.

As a work around I use Qkey to manipulate the sessions to do what I want when in API mode. Not elegant, but it works.

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